Fran and Gary Heiser, parents of Michael Heiser, were co-founders of The Michael Heiser Foundation in 2000.  Fran and Gary were the spark plugs that lead the way in getting recognition for the 19 Heroes of  Khobar  Towers bombing assassinations.  After Gary passed away in 2008,  Fran kept up the battle and finally prevailed in her battle for recognition and closure for the victums of terrorism.She is the retired owner of a successful real estate company in Palm Coast, FL.

She chose as her directors those who were and are successful in their careers and who also were civic minded and witnessed tragedy in their lives.

Gary Sherwood, Director since 2003, served in the U.S. Army with Gary Heiser.  Gary and his wife, Ingrid, met the Heisers in Germany in 1971, when Michael was 11 years old.  Gary and Ingrid were with Fran and Gary when the tragedy of  Khobar Towers occurred.

Linda Keith, Director since 2004 , owns a successful Demolition business in St. Augustine with her husband, Vernon.

Rob Witt, Director since 2009 , served in the U.S. Air Force with Mike Heiser.  Rob and his wife, Tracy both retired from the USAF and now Rob is pursuing his second career, practicing law while Tracy works for the US Government.

Steve Barnier, Director since 2017, CPA,  owns a thriving accounting firm in Palm Coast, FL.

Max Clark , Director since 2017, is retired after 40+ years service to two major
industrial corporations. He served in the USAF (1962-1966) and is a Vietnam Veteran, (1965-1966). Throughout his life he has served in many diverse leadership positions.